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Haining Superman Lock Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a specializing China Smart Padlock factory and Outdoor Heavy Duty Padlock manufacturers. It is located on the bank of the Qiantang River in the world-famous Haining tide. The company is an enterprise that has passed the national safety assessment and environmental assessment certification. Our Outdoor Heavy Duty Padlock for sales mainly to South America, North America, Europe, and other regions.

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    What Are The Raw Materials Of The Key Lock

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    What Are The Unlocking Methods Of Keyed Padlocks?

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    Why Your Long Shackle Padlock Is So Easy To Damage

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    Six Bad Habits When Using Keyed Padlocks

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    Brass Padlock Principle And Application Method

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    Are Stainless Steel Locks Used More Now?

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    Things To Pay Attention To When Buying Keyed Padlocks

      Consumers should consider the following aspects before purchasing keyed padlocks:   1. The place used and its importance. That is, consider using it on street gates, hall doors, rooms, bathrooms, or...

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    How To Choose The Right Lock

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    What Are The Rules For Users Who Apply Safety Padlocks?

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    What Are The Common Faults Of Key Lock?

      In daily life, we often encounter the situation where the door lock cannot be opened. What should we do? Break the door or wait for someone to help? Don't panic, if the door lock can't be opened, th...

Product Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the categories of smart padlock?
1. Remote control lock
  There are two types of remote control locks that are common now, one is optical remote control, and the other is wireless Bluetooth control.
2. Password lock
Keyboard-style smart electronic code lock or touch keyboard code lock, the first type was used more when it first came out, and it has more texture; the second type of LED touch screen is full of technology and more beautiful. Nowadays, more and more people now use touch screen password locks.
3. Inductive card lock
Using cards instead of keys to open doors is widely used nowadays. It is widely used in companies, community access control, etc., and even one card can be used for multiple purposes, such as opening doors, taking a car, spending money, and so on. The use of induction card locks is the same as remote control smart locks. The magnetic card needs to be kept properly, and the authorization to the card needs to be revoked in time if it is lost.
4. Biometric anti-theft lock
Biometrics technology utilizes human fingerprints, eyes, voice and other almost non-reproducible characteristics, and uses the door as the carrier to open the door. Commonly used fingerprint locks, face recognition locks, voice-activated locks, etc. The advantage is that it has its own "key" and has higher security performance, and is widely loved and sought after by high-end users.

Where is the smart padlock suitable for use?
1. Family
Applied to the family, it can manage the authority of the input fingerprint, avoiding the trouble of changing the smart door lock every time the babysitter is changed. Moreover, it can effectively prevent thieves from violent damage and technical opening. When the lock is illegally opened, the smart padlock will automatically sound a siren on the scene and send an alarm letter at the same time, connecting with the control center to notify the owner of the situation as soon as possible.
2. Rental housing
  The network remote house management system for second-landlord rental houses achieves the network management of evacuated and shared houses through the hardware front-end lock management system, software back-end operating system and network independent middle-end digital system. Make the enterprise reach scale and chain development.
3. Community apartment
After the smart padlock is applied to the apartment in the community, only the fingerprint or card of the authorized person can open the access door to enter each unit, ensuring the safety of the owner and standardizing the management of the community. At the same time, it has the function of unlocking with a password, which can support adding a virtual space when entering the password, which can avoid being peeped and recorded.
4. Hotels
Smart padlock is used in hotels and hotels. Its account management can provide multiple check-in and door opening methods. Special service management can provide random setting of door opening cards to meet the needs of arbitrary door opening. Moreover, the information can be read directly through the proximity card, avoiding the troubles of the guests in the parking lot with the relevant staff.

What are the advantages of heavy duty padlock?
It has high-quality comprehensive properties, high rigidity, high impact toughness, good temperature resistance, and good dielectric strength; it can be used in harsh chemical and physical environments for a long time, and can replace metal materials as engineering Project construction raw material application.