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Are Stainless Steel Locks Used More Now?

  The processing cost is low; if the processing cost of indoor padlocks is particularly high, it will directly affect the price of the finished product, making it unacceptable to some people with ordinary income, that is, the penetration rate is low.

  The surface color is easy to process; this material shows that the color is easy to process, and the color adhesion is better, so it can be suitable for consumers who like various colors.

  Good plasticity (easy-to-process style); the material can be processed into various styles, the shape should be easy, and the cost should be low, because everyone's vision is different, and the styles they like are also different, so it must be more popular. For example American, Chinese, European, minimalist, pastoral, and other styles.

  Strong durability; after this material is made into a lock, it must ensure relative durability; it cannot be said that the handle is broken or faded every two days.

  Not easy to oxidize; this is mainly to ensure that the surface of the lock will not fade, peel or rust in a short period.

  Properties of stainless steel

  Easy to weld; this feature is generally only available in iron and steel, but stainless steel is welded with better aesthetics and higher strength, but the cost is particularly high to meet the requirements of high-quality welding; such as thermos cups, steel pipes, Water heaters are advanced welding. If this function is used on the door lock, if the handle is connected by welding, the aesthetics and service life of the lock will be reduced, because the lock cannot be welded with particularly thick stainless steel, otherwise, the cost of the lock will be increased, thereby reducing the cost of the lock. Audience size.

  Oxidation resistance (corrosion resistance); this feature has made stainless steel popular in various industries, including locks, which also ensures that the surface of the locks will not be oxidized and rusted.

  Easy to polish; stainless steel is the lowest polishing cost of all lock materials, so it is especially suitable for making locks in this regard.

  High strength; this feature ensures the durability of the lock after it is made, and the handle will not be broken. However, if the stainless steel material is more durable, it is still easy to break during use.

  The above four characteristics are one of the reasons why stainless steel can be made into locks. We can see from the above points that stainless steel is made into locks. Its style is simple and cannot be too complicated; Popularize indoor door locks?

  The first reason is that the surface of stainless steel is not easy to be compatible with various colors; some indoor door locks may have one to three colors on the surface, and it is difficult for stainless steel to be compatible with these colors, thus reducing the audience of the locks.

  The second reason is that the style of stainless steel locks is too simple; the locks made of stainless steel are generally produced by stamping and welding, and stamping and welding are difficult to carefully make various patterns and details on the surface of the lock, especially the patterns; if mold casting is used, the cost Especially high, the lock can only be made into a solid material for pouring, and this cost may be n times that of other materials for the lock.

  The third reason is that the processing cost and equipment are too high; it has stricter requirements for the press, and the cost of the mold is several times that of other materials. Thereby the cost of sales of the lockset is increased.

  From the above points, it can be seen that stainless steel is not suitable for making indoor door locks, because the above points will greatly increase the production of locks, and it is not suitable for mass popularization.

  Although stainless steel is not suitable for making indoor door locks or indoor door locks, it is difficult to use stainless steel in large quantities, but it is especially used in public places when it is made into locks, and it has a tendency to be popularized.

  Because there are many people in public places, people don’t care so much for products that are not their own; in addition, stainless steel is shaped in square, round, and oval shapes, which can avoid bumps and bumps to a certain extent. Bleeding There are also public places that only need simple and durable locks, and temporarily stainless steel locks are born.

  Therefore, in recent years, the usage rate of stainless steel locks has become less and less, while the usage rate in public places has become higher and higher; for example, schools, hospitals, and other official places.