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Six Bad Habits When Using Keyed Padlocks

  After using the keyed padlocks at home for a long time, everyone will find that they are damaged quickly. This is because you have six bad habits when using them. Then the keyed padlocks at home are very easy to damage. Therefore, while maintaining the keyed padlocks at home, those six bad habits also need to be avoided. If you are interested, you can listen to it together!

  Habit 1: The most common mistake is to use the key instead of the door handle to pull the door, which will damage the lock cylinder, and the lock will have to be replaced soon.

  Habit 2: Shower in the rain and flush with water, because there are small springs inside that will rust, fail and become inflexible.

  Habit 3: Don't put a large bunch of keys together, as the lock cylinder will wear out when we drive and shake, and it will automatically slip off after a long time.

  Habit 4: You can't refuel when you lock your heart with mother-of-pearl beads.

  Habit 5: When the key is difficult to insert or pull out, spray some light lubricating oil, not too thick oil will make it inactive.

  Habit 6: When the door lock is not easy to open and close, spray some lubricating oil on the latch.

  When you use the brass padlock, if you have the above six bad habits, then their service life will be greatly reduced. You must get rid of these bad habits.