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Current Status Of The Key Lock Industry In China

  China has become the world's largest key lock producer and consumer. At present, the annual sales of the domestic key lock industry have reached more than 40 billion yuan, the production capacity has exceeded 2 billion sets, and the annual export volume has exceeded 10 billion yuan. In the future, my country's key lock market will continue to grow at a rate of more than 20% per year.

  At present, the domestic key lock market mainly produces mid-to-low-end key lock products. Because the key lock industry is a labor-intensive industry, the entry threshold is low, the degree of specialization is not high, and the types of high-end products are very scarce. The competition for domestic low-end products has already been fierce. Because of rising raw material prices, labor costs, and competition from more and more new technologies and new products, the life of key lock companies are getting more and more difficult.

  A new round of technical competence in the key lock industry has begun, and the future development trend of high-end products with high technical content is obvious. In recent years, with the rapid development of pillar industries such as housing, automobiles, mid-to-high-end office buildings, and hotels, as well as national defense and financial systems, the demand for high-defense key lock products is increasing. Due to the high technological content of high-end key locks, which are more humanized and personalized, the product profits are relatively high. Coupled with the accelerated replacement of key lock products, high-end key locks will gradually become the mainstream of the key lock market. China has formed the three most important production bases, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Shandong. With the further increase of the lock industry market cake, hardware key lock small and medium-sized enterprises will face more opportunities and greater competition.

  The development trend of key lock products in China: 1. high precision, high efficiency, high firmness, and multi-function; 2. multiple specifications and varieties; Start with cutting technology, stamping technology, die-casting technology, surface treatment technology, automatic assembly line, etc. At present, China is still a developing country, and the key lock manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the low-level redundant construction is very serious. If a key lock company wants to develop, it must first start with the product, quality, and brand. Lay a solid foundation of cash + strength, and have a certain amount of capital to better develop some high-end products.

  China's lock industry should have an organizational overall goal. Only by technological advancement can it make steady progress year by year, such as product structure, product quality, technical equipment, innovation ability, talent structure, etc. are indispensable. Key lock is a necessity in people's life. It belongs to daily hardware, and it is also a kind of safety protection product. The development of this industry is good or bad, which is related to the safety of every family, unit, and public place.

  In today's increasingly competitive international market, if China's brass padlocks still have no sense of innovation and stand still, they will be eliminated by the international market. Lock-making enterprises should actively adopt new materials, pay attention to product modeling and artistic decoration, and gradually use computer electronics, information, biometrics, nano-materials, and other advanced technologies to graft traditional lock-making industries, and strive to develop new products with market prospects. And make a breakthrough in the use of functions. Such as residential high-end mortise door lock series, car lock series, civilian lock series, anti-theft door lock series, dynamic code remote control series, high-end electromechanical integration IC card smart lock, TM card lock, shooting lock card lock series, biometric identification The feature lock series, etc., can be reformed in terms of craftsmanship and technological innovation, and gradually mature.