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How To Choose The Right Lock

  In daily life, if we want to choose the right locks, we first need to understand the types of locks. In general, the common types of locks are:

  1. Padlocks: There are brass padlocks, iron padlocks, and combination padlocks. The specific sizes are 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 75mm.

  2. Drawer locks: There are pure copper drawer locks, copper drawer locks, aluminum core drawer locks, and anti-theft locks for upper and lower cabinets. The specific sizes are 22.5mm and 16mm.

  3. Mortise door lock: also known as anti-theft door lock, which is divided into steel door mortise door lock and wooden door mortise door lock.

  4. Spherical door locks: There are copper spherical door locks and three-tube spherical door locks, as well as box locks.

  5. Design and color locks: divided into glass door locks, mortise locks, key locks, power switch locks for household appliance boxes, chain locks, and cam locks.

  Common problems when purchasing locks mainly include:

  1. You should choose products from companies with high reputations, stable quality, and good after-sales maintenance services.

  2. First check whether the logo and label of the purchased packaging design are complete (including the product implementation standards, grades, manufacturing company name, full address, and manufacturing date of the equipment), whether the turnover materials are firm, and whether the contents of the instructions for use and the equipment are correct. Conform to, beware of exaggerated words that do not conform to objective facts.

  3. Observe the quality of product appearance design, including whether the lock cylinder, lock body, lock tongue, latch and cladding components, and related supporting facilities are complete, whether the surface color of electroplating process parts and sprayed parts is bright and even, and whether there are Corrosion, signs of air oxidation and damage.

  4. To check whether the function of the device is reliable and flexible, two or more devices should be selected for comparison and inspection, especially when purchasing double lock cylinder products, all keys must be used to test the inner and outer lock cylinders respectively. . The insurance company status of the equipment should also be checked, and it is recommended to try each lock more than three times.

  5. Then check the teeth of the key. For example, if there are five teeth, each key should have no less than three different teeth. At the same time, the first and fifth teeth should not choose deep teeth, which are conducive to the insertion of the key lock and is not easy to break.