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What Are The Unlocking Methods Of Keyed Padlocks?

  The brass padlock is one of the most common locks in our family. What should we do if we lose the key? Hiring a locksmith will inevitably cost money, so how do open keyed padlocks? Next, let's take a look at how to open keyed padlocks.

  Keyed padlocks are light, small, and flexible, and are widely used in the home. For example, items such as drawers and stationery boxes at home can be locked with keyed padlocks, but what should we do if we lose the keys of keyed padlocks? I lost my key, what should I do? Hiring a locksmith will inevitably cost money, so how do open keyed padlocks? Next, let's take a look at how to open keyed padlocks. If you use the right method, maybe you can open it yourself.

  How to open keyed padlocks, unlock Before practicing lockpicking techniques: the first thing to do is to disassemble the locks, and then understand the internal structure of various locks, and cooperate with the principle of dislocation method to further deepen the impression of lock opening.

  How to open keyed padlocks---method 1

  Lock unlocking method: a metal piece plus a thin metal wire, the metal piece should be like the one on the cap of a pen, one end is folded at 90°, and it is caught in the keyhole for rotating force, and the metal wire is in the keyhole. Sweep back and forth nearby, lucky to be able to open.

  How to open keyed padlocks---method 2

  Take a thin and tough metal wire with toughness (the one on the keychain is good), bend a small part of it into an angle of about 135°, and extend it to the deepest part of the lock hole (it takes more practice, it is a bit difficult).

  How to open keyed padlocks --- Method 3

  Keyed padlocks all have a lock core. In addition to the hole for inserting the key, there are several round holes in the lock core. These round holes correspond to the several round holes on the lock body. A spring and two-height padlocks can be placed inside. Different copper marbles.

  After the key is inserted, the two marbles are pushed up to different heights due to the different tooth positions. If the boundary between the two marbles in all the holes is equal to the circumference of the lock core, the lock core can be positioned at the same height. The lock body is rotated, so the lock is opened. This is how keyed padlocks generally work. If the key of the keyed padlocks is lost, you can buy a master key, which can open a variety of keyed padlocks.

  Three-ring keyed padlock unlocking method:

  Among the three-ring lock marbles, there is a kind of I-shaped marble. This shape of marble is not easy to move, but it does not mean that it is impossible to pull apart. It is still difficult for a skilled locksmith. . Inside the lock are I-shaped balls, and usually at least one still requires a standard , that is to say, there are rarely more than four I-shaped marbles. The purpose of using the standard upper marble is to ensure that the lock core hole and the upper marble eye can be aligned so that the key is inserted and extracted more smoothly.

  When the I-shaped marble is lifted due to the rotation of the lock core, the I-shaped head will touch the shoulder of the marble eye and cannot be lifted, that is, it will retract into the upper marble eye. To solve this problem, the turning force of the push rod needs to be very cautious, and the marbles should be applied with a very light turning pressure. In the case of the marbles, a single hook is not used. You can feel that the standard marbles and the I-shaped marbles are shrinking. on the difference. To fully push the I-shaped marbles up, you must know how to play back properly (the three-ring lock itself is elastic during playback, so the playback strength is not easy to control), there is a saying called "push ten times three ", {make a ratio, push 10 degrees in the opening direction, and playback 3-4 degrees}. It is necessary to relax and even reverse the rotation force of the locked heart to make the big head break away from the blocking of the eye edge of the upper marble eye and retract. However, if the lock core is always reversed, it may also cause the upper marbles that have been dialed to fall and be locked again.

  If the above happens, you must start over with another marble until you succeed.