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Why Your Long Shackle Padlock Is So Easy To Damage

  Keep the lock body clean to prevent foreign matter from entering the pin groove of the lock cylinder, which will prevent it from being opened. When the lock head is difficult to open, do not lubricate it with edible oil to avoid long-term condensation and blockage. When installing the lock, it is forbidden to use paper or tape to paste the handle and panel, and do not install it when the paint on the door is not dry, otherwise, it will cause surface damage, and the long shackle padlock will fade over time. Some zinc alloy and copper locks will be "mottled" after being installed on the door for a long time. With excellent technology and real price, we can provide services such as unlocking and repairing locks, matching keys with chips and smart keys, changing the locks of second-hand cars and replacing various lock cylinders that have been damaged by thieves.

  1. What kind of lock is easy to be damaged

  1. The lock core of the iron rolling door is easy to be damaged.

  2. Ordinary long shackle padlock combs---easy to cut and break.

  3. Ordinary horn lock---easy to be damaged and turned open violently.

  4. Auxiliary lock (the one with a conical shape protruding from the door panel)---easy to be damaged by prying it open.

  5. The electric iron rolling door switch box lock installed on the outside of the door---easy to be opened.

  6. Three-stage lock with separate lock core---easy to be turned open by violence. (When installing the lock, pay attention to the locksmith sneaking away and not fixing the lock core fixed piece)

  7. The lock core (the place where the key is inserted) is made of copper (such as a car lock)---it is weak and easy to be damaged

  8. Auto and motorcycle lock ---easy to be twisted violently.

  9. Low-grade locomotive tire lock---easy to cut off. Thinking about a bargain can help you look after your car?

  10. The drawer lock is easy to be damaged --- do not put valuables.

  11. Ordinary aluminum door lock --- because the structure of the lock core is very weak and easy to be damaged.

  2. How to maintain the lock

  1. Do not expose the lock core to rain. Flush with water, because there are small springs inside that will rust and become insensitive.

  2. Don’t make a bunch of motorcycle keys, connect them in series. When the motorcycle is running, if the keys shake and increase weight, the lock core will be worn out, and the keys will slip out after a long time.

  3. When the key is not easy to insert or pull out, spray some light lubricating oil, (such as w40) not too thick oil will not flow.

  4. Some lock cores cannot be refueled, (rarely) such as mother-of-pearl lock cores.

  5. When the door lock is not open and closed, spray some lubricating oil on the oblique tongue.

  6. The active lock (three sections, four sections, five sections) should have a slight gap and not be too tight, (for example, the door needs to be opened by hand to open the lock) and the lock is easy to break. Shake and move.

  8. The anti-theft door has a checkered pattern, and the anti-theft wire is inserted into the oblique lock handle of the active lock, and the door is opened.

  9. Don't use the key to open the door directly. Turn the key to open the door lock. Pull the key to open the door without the lock core returning to its original position. The lock will say goodbye to you soon.