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Will Stainless Steel Lock Be Embroidered?

  In the process of using the stainless steel lock, especially if it takes a long time, the raw embroidery will be somewhat a little bit, so let's take a look at the following, why does the stainless steel lock become embroidered?

  1. Due to cost control and the pursuit of perfect profitability, the selection of materials and the price competition of raw material distributors have made the selection of companies complicated. There will be unreliable sources and unimaginable quality. In turn, the quality of machined parts decreases. For example, the water content of non-metallic materials magazines and periodicals in stainless steel pipes is too high, and the sulfur content will endanger the reduction of the rust resistance of the material itself. So it is the first reason for the decline in quality.

  2. The outstanding technology and the technical content of the product itself make the hardware and building materials industry, not a unique entity. The market competition in the hardware and building materials industry will become more and more fierce. Worry. Then the pursuit of perfect how to reduce the cost of products to obtain higher profits is unavoidable to become a focus, but it loses the essence of products and services. As a result, the quality of anti-rust treatment measures used by the company in the processing of shell hardware accessories and other parts, such as anti-rust lubricating oil, cleaning gasoline, etc., cannot meet the original production process regulations.

  3. Small processing factory companies endanger the development trend of the manufacturing industry. Because this type of manufacturer does not have a high-quality environment, and because of cost problems, the quality of commonly used abrasives is different, and aluminum die-casting equipment and aluminum die-casting masters are inadequate and lack experience. Moreover, it lacks basic polishing and anti-rust treatment processes.

  4. In the manufacturing industry, the market competition involves time and quality. During the period for construction, there will be regulations on whether to clean up and anti-rust treatment or frame seal anti-rust treatment under the prescribed procedures and procedures. As a result, the production process and finished products are not guaranteed for a single step, or carelessness will also endanger the quality of metal products, resulting in the problem of corrosion in mid-to-late products in normal applications.

  5. Stainless steel locks belong to large-volume products. Generally speaking, companies will purchase a lot of products to make the products suitable. Therefore, it is inevitable that long-term storage is not necessary. Therefore, the stainless steel locks in the boxes of hardware manufacturers are very easy to appear. Pay attention to the beauty of the outer packaging box, while ignoring the long-term need for shop buyers, resulting in poor airtightness, water leakage, air oxidation, etc., prompting problems such as rust before application, which is not good for each other result.