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Why Can't The Keyed Padlocks Turn On After Adding Oil?

  There are many kinds of materials for keyed padlocks, and we also use them in our lives. But we all know that the keyed padlocks that have been used for a long time will be a little difficult to open due to the aging of the keyed padlocks. At this time, many people will add oil inside to make the lock cylinder smooth, so that the problem of the difficult opening of keyed padlocks will be solved. solve. But some people have encountered such a problem. Refueling the keyed padlocks will not only make the keyed padlocks easier to open, but also cause the keyed padlocks to fail to open. Why is this? We will go to a professional locksmith to tell us about it. What is the reason in between?

  The professional locksmith thinks that the reason is the oil he added. He may have added oil with high viscosity, such as vegetable oil, motor oil, etc., when it encounters low temperature, it may stick to dust, which increases the viscosity of the oil, and the key penetrates the lock body. After that, the marbles that were put into the lock body by the key were stuck, and the spring force of the marbles was too small to push the marbles, and of course, the lock cylinder could not turn. Open methods are:

  1. After inserting the key, tap the side of the marble hole upwards a few times.

  2. Use boiling water to scald the lock body to thin the condensed oil.

  3. Pour gasoline into the keyhole of the keyed padlocks to dissolve the condensed oil.

  Remember, in the future, you must never refuel the e-liquid in the waste oil box of the hood, it is too sticky.

  Through the above introduction, you should already understand the reason why the brass padlock cannot be turned after adding oil! If you need this, please contact us!