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When To Use The Safety Padlock

  The safety padlock is mainly used when the electrical equipment needs to be repaired, maintained, and cleaned. When the power supply of the equipment is disconnected, the safety padlock is locked on the power supply to prevent the power supply from being activated during maintenance work! It protects the life safety of the staff. What we need to pay attention to here is that the safety padlock is only used to protect the power supply from being activated, and does not have the function of disconnecting the power supply; therefore, we must lock the electrical equipment Ensure that the power supply can be locked when the power supply is completely disconnected, otherwise there will be a danger.

  The safety padlock also has a warming effect. For example, the fire extinguishers we usually see in public places are locked in a transparent glass box by the safety padlock. At this time, the safety padlock does not play a role in preventing theft. Play a warning role, admonish others not to touch fire extinguishing equipment when there is no fire!