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What To Do If You Forget The Password Of The Combination Lock

  The suitcase is one of the necessary items for us to leave home for a long time. Before using it, we usually set a password (usually three digits) on the combination lock to prevent the loss of valuables in the suitcase. What should I do if I suddenly find that I have forgotten the password when I want to open it? Apart from guessing randomly, taking it to a repair shop, or smashing it, do we have any other methods?

  Method 1: Push the password as far as possible in the opposite direction where the switch can be pulled, open the gap of the flashlight, turn the password disk, and observe the groove of the shaft under it; after finding the groove, record the number corresponding to the groove, and record the three code disks one by one Number; get three numbers, and process the numbers bit by bit: add 5 to those less than 5, and subtract 5 from those greater than 5 to get the password. For example, if you get the number 823 in the groove, the code for the box is 378.

  Method 2: Turn the combination lock switch to the open direction with the right hand with proper strength, slowly rotate from the leftmost digit, feel a slight movement of the right hand, and then come to the second digit, and continue in sequence until the last digit is found.

  Method 3: If it is more convenient for you to go to the place where you bought the box or ask for the phone number of the store, you can ask the store, they generally know the keyed padlocks password.