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What To Do If Keyed Padlocks Can't Be Opened

  Modern life is inseparable from hardware, and keyed padlocks often bring many tests to everyone, such as a home is right in front of you, but you can't get in. The lock is at hand, but you can't open it... Don't worry, let us save you! The editor below lists a few unlocking methods for everyone, and I'm never afraid of being unable to unlock the door anymore!

  1. Opening method when the bolt is unhooked

  Generally speaking, the door lock cannot be opened due to external forces. It may be that the lock tongue inside is unhooked, or the screw that fixes the lock tongue is loose, causing the door to jam. In this case, a better emergency method is to find the bolt and pull the loose screw back from the crack in the door. This type of method is limited to situations where the door lock cannot be opened due to external material forces.

  Second, the door lock foreign body opening method

  If the door lock cannot be opened due to a foreign object stuck in the door lock, that is, it cannot be inserted with a key or finger, even if it is inserted, it cannot be unscrewed. In this case, you need to find a way to twist the door lock, first confirm whether the door opens in or out.

  3. Use a knife to poke a hard card

  In this case, you need to use a knife, a sharp and thin knife, the sharper the point, the better. First press the door from the outside, and call the retractable part in the middle called the lock shaft. The lock shaft should not touch the lock groove to reduce friction. Then use a sharp knife to insert into the gap of the lock slot, press against the lock shaft, and apply force to the direction of the lock shaft at will. It may not be able to open once or twice, so try a few more times.

  Four, please professional unlocking master

  If the above methods do not work, then spend some money to ask a professional unlocker to unlock the door! In this way, the door can be better maintained without being damaged. Remember to find a locksmith from a lock-and-change company with a good reputation and credit. After all, you must take care of the safety of your home.

  Have you got the above method? Sometimes we do open the door very hard, but the door keeps calling. At this time, we must not do it all the time and find out the reason.