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What Determines The Safety Of Keyed Padlocks?

Whether it is a traditional mechanical lock or a smart lock, the core of them is the "lock cylinder", and the current security level of the lock cylinder has three levels: A, B, and C; among them, the time for A-level anti-technical cracking is about For 1 minute, the time for B-level anti-technical cracking is about 5 minutes, and C-level is the highest security level at present. At the same time, it also has the function of an anti-torsion tool to open the lock cylinder, which will self-explode and lock.

Anti-small black box

The principle of the small black box is to destroy the control chip of the smart lock with a strong magnetic field, resulting in automatic unlocking.

Although all the smart lock brands in the following have made the anti-small black box upgrade design, and have the "anti-small black box" function by default, it is recommended to carefully check whether this function is available when purchasing, because it is not excluded that some styles do not have this function. Comes with this feature.

Without this function, the security is almost 0!

The function of the smart lock is linked to the price. The more functions, the higher the price.

The functions include coercion alarm, lock picking alarm, virtual password anti-trailing, Danticat's eye, anti-small black box, various unlocking methods (respectively, face recognition, fingerprint, password, double password, mobile App, temporary password, WeChat Small programs, traditional emergency keys, Bluetooth keys, etc. to open the door) and so on.

But the more functions the better, just provide enough, choose according to your own needs, maybe you can save a lot of money. In addition, the core functions of smart keyed padlocks are lock cylinder, fingerprint, Danticat's eye, anti-small black box, coercive fingerprint/password, battery life, and various reminder functions, as long as these functions are available, they can meet the daily needs of most people.