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What Are The Ways To Buy Keyed Padlocks?

  For locks, when turning the lock, the smaller the sound, the better, the handle should be turned a little, and the deadbolt should follow up a little. In terms of key shape, pit-shaped key locks are more secure than tooth-shaped key locks, but if the pit key is lost, it must be returned to the original factory. The greater the number of square tongues of keyed padlocks, the better the security.

  Consumers should pay attention to the following points when choosing locks:

  Products from companies with a high reputation, stable quality, and good after-sales service should be selected.

  Observe the appearance and quality of the product, including whether the lock head, lock body, lock tongue, handle and cover plate parts and related accessories are complete, whether the surface color of electroplated parts and painted parts are bright and uniform, whether there is rust, oxidation signs, and damage.

  First check whether the signs of the purchased product packaging are complete (including the product's executive standard, grade, manufacturer's name, address, and production date), whether the packaging is firm, and whether the content of the instruction manual is consistent with the product, to prevent exaggeration and inconsistency with the facts.

  To check whether the use function of the product is reliable and flexible, more than two products should be selected for comparative inspection, especially when purchasing a two-way lock product, all keys must be used to test the inner and outer locks respectively. It is recommended that each lock be at least Tried more than three times.

  The mutual opening rate is the ratio of the mutual opening of the lock and the key. The fewer the locks opened by a key, the stronger the safety and reliability of the lock. Consumers should try their best to choose a lock with a large number of key teeth when purchasing, because the more teeth the key has, the greater the difference and the lower the mutual opening rate of the locks.

  Select the lock according to the use environment, such as dry humidity, door structure, thickness, left or right door, inner door or outer door, etc.