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What Are The Common Types Of Brass Padlocks?

  I believe you have come into contact with locks in your daily life! There are many types of locks, but they are relatively common, and it can be said that the history of use is quite long. Other types of locks are invented based on padlocks, which is enough to show The status of padlocks is very high, keyed padlocks are simple to use, and the principle is not complicated. They are suitable for many places. Common padlocks include stainless steel padlocks, brass padlocks, etc. Brass padlocks are used more, so the editor will follow Let me tell you a little bit about the types of brass padlocks.

  1. Tumbler structure padlock; this kind of lock uses cylindrical marbles to set obstacles in the lock cylinder so that the lock cylinder cannot be rotated, and the lock function of the lock is realized. The marble structure is also one of the commonly used structures of locks. There is a kind of lock whose lock body is made of metal sheet, which gives people a thick and strong feeling. It is called a "thousand-layer lock", but its internal structure is also a marble structure, so it also belongs to the marble structure padlock.

  2. Blade structure padlock; this kind of lock uses different shapes of sheet metal as an obstacle and as the purpose of the lock. This structure is often used in zinc alloy or its word alloy locks.

  3. Magnetic structure padlock: According to the principle of magnetic repulsion, a magnetic lock cylinder system is adopted. A permanent magnetic metal partition with the same lock core groove magnetic plate as the key is installed between the lock cylinder groove and the safety pin, and the key and the safety pin are not in direct contact. , When the slotless magnetic key is smoothly inserted into the lock cylinder slot and rotates, the key contacts the metal partition, which produces a strong repulsive force, and the lock is easy to open. In addition, the principle of magnetic attraction is also adopted, the metal plate is fastened, and the lock is opened by a spring.

  4. Chain structure padlock: It is composed of main and auxiliary locks. The main and auxiliary locks have the function of mutual protection and are related to each other. Connecting two secondary locks is to lock the primary lock, and the primary lock can only be opened after the two secondary locks are opened and removed.

  5. Number structure padlock: The sliding plate mechanism is installed on the lock body shell, the hole is connected with the slot, it can be moved and rotated, the dial is connected with the rotator, and the rotator is equipped with teeth or cam metal blades, which can rotate and move. Just dial the number and the lock will open itself. This lock has no key.

  The above are some explanations about the types of brass padlocks. Many locks are derived from brass padlocks. Now there are various styles of smart door locks on the market, but brass padlocks can be used in many places, such as Some factory gates and the like still use a brass padlock. The editor's explanation ends here! If you have any questions, please contact us directly!