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Tips For Selecting The Brass Padlock

  There is a bronze door that invites fortune. This is an auspicious thing originally, but the round cake lock also has to think that this door may also recruit thieves for you. So a good door needs a good padlock, so that the overall appearance of the copper door has a temperament, and the anti-theft method can also be done very well, the brass padlock is also a good decoration. So how do choose?

  1. The brass padlock must be first-class in planning, and safety and reliability are what customers seek. Padlocking means to shut out the risk, so that the inside and outside of the door are two nations.

  2. The most important thing for the door lock is to be robust. After the rectangular lock cannot be used, the thief has not stolen it, and it has been worn out. Pay attention to the brass padlock certified by the public security agency. The utilization rate of copper doors is increasing day by day, and the requirements for quality are also very high. It provides good decorations for some villas and mansions. The atmosphere and proper style have always been unchanged.

  3. The more cluttered the brass padlock, the less secure it may be. The cluttered lock may eventually be unable to open even by yourself. Choose the lock that fits your door, that is the best.

  4. The feng shui of door locks. Many people trust this. The door lock is like a door god. From the perspective of feng shui, the door must be first-sighted. Its orientation and position are the keys to a house.

  The door lock must be new, it will rust after a long time of use, the safety factor will be reduced, and the skill of the door god will be reduced. In today's society, the first choice for door locks must be code locks and remote control locks. However, today's skills are only used in the domestic giants. Usually, families are still choosing the door with one key and one lock on the market. Therefore, the deployment of doors and locks is very important. Only when the two are connected can we have a sense of security. Otherwise, how can the anti-theft door be said?