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Tips For Choosing Your Favorite Key Lock

  With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the functions of our key locks are becoming more and more diverse, not only a single padlock and bump, but also a variety of lock functions. The functions of key locks are different. We can divide them into exterior key locks, room key locks, aisle locks, and bathroom locks.

  At present, there are many kinds of key locks on the market, with different colors, materials, and functions. Commonly used key locks include exterior key locks, spherical locks, handle locks, laminated steel padlocks, drawer locks, glass window locks, electronic locks, anti-theft locks, bathroom locks, and fingerprint key locks. Among them, there are many styles of ball locks and handle locks. So how do we choose the right key lock? Let's take a look

  When buying a key lock, you should pay attention to the following points.

  (1) Choose products from well-known brands, and at the same time, see whether the surface of the key lock body is smooth and clean and whether there are defects that affect the appearance.

  (2) Pay attention to choosing a lock with the same opening direction as the door. Insert the key into the lock cylinder hole to open the key lock to see if the opening is smooth and flexible.

  (3) Pay attention to the width of the door frame. The door frame that can install the ball lock and the handle lock should not be less than 90 cm. You can rotate the key lock handle and knob to see if it is flexible to open.

  (4) Generally, key locks are suitable for doors with a thickness of 35 to 45 mm, and some key locks can be used for doors with a thickness of 50 mm. The length of the key lock tongue should not be too short.

  (5) Some handle locks are divided into left and right hands, so pay attention when purchasing. The method to determine whether the handle lock is left-handed or right-handed is very simple: stand on the outside of the door and face the door, the door hinge on the right hand is the right-hand door, and the left hand is the left-hand door.

  Having said so many tips for choosing locks, I hope you can choose your favorite key lock.