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Standard Dial Combination Lock Makes Life More Convenient And Comfortable

  The new standard dial combination lock can be regarded as in the hotel industry. The magnetic card opening technology used in the hotel industry is also a kind of smart lock, but compared with the current smart lock, it does not have such powerful functions. Everyone knows that the current smart locks have many ways to open the door, which are very convenient, such as password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, swiping card unlocking, remote unlocking, swiping face unlocking, iris recognition, palm vein recognition, and so on.

  Standard dial combination lock manufacturers talk about different types of smart locks, and the way to open the door is also different, but in the end, it is convenient and reduces a lot of burdens. There is no need to worry about losing the key or not carrying these situations. For some nerves, For people who often forget to bring their keys, the experience is really good. But smart locks also have some hidden safety hazards. After all, they are electronic products. If the electronic part is broken or the battery is dead, you don't find it. When you go home, you don't bring the key, so it's cool and you lock yourself out. Although the probability of this situation is very small, this hidden danger still exists.

  Traditional door locks occupy more than 90% of the usage rate of China's door lock market. It can be said that it has been developed for a long time. It is a door lock that is familiar to the public. Compared with smart locks, there must be some shortcomings. Without smart locks, it is convenient and often to prevent losing keys. Forgetting to bring the key. However, in some scenarios, traditional door locks are relatively more used. For example, in rural areas, because their rural houses are relatively large, many people have yards in their homes, and then install a gate. If a smart lock is installed on the gate, It is easy to be damaged. After all, it is not suitable for this kind of scene because it is exposed to wind, sun, and rain. There is a door outside of the house, and the inside is unlocked, so it is not used. This is also the fundamental reason why traditional door locks are more applicable in rural areas.

  For many friends with obsessive-compulsive disorder, whether the door is locked is also a very painful thing. After going out, they often think back whether the door is locked or not, and finally, go back and read it again and make sure it is locked. Just go to work. After using the smart door lock, there is no need to consider whether it is locked or not. You only need to wear it lightly, and the smart door lock will automatically complete the secondary lock.

  The important point of a standard dial combination lock is to bring a good experience to users, make our life more convenient and comfortable, and no longer have to worry about the emergence of no key or lost key when going out. You can also check the intelligence anytime and anywhere. The opening record of the door lock, real-time control of the family's movement in and out.