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Solid Brass Padlock Selection Principle

  The concept of solid brass padlock has entered the domestic market for a very short time. The products of a solid brass padlock on the market are also uneven, good and bad. The purchasing personnel of many enterprises is at a loss when choosing solid brass padlocks. Therefore, users should choose high-profile, historical Long-standing key lock manufacturers or brand agents, because they have sufficient economic strength and a stable network system to ensure service and after-sales, and avoid disputes caused by product quality problems.

  1 Look at the surface treatment condition

  Solid brass padlocks are generally electroplated, sprayed, or colored before leaving the factory. These steps are beneficial to the lock itself because, after this series of treatments, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the lock, which can prevent corrosion and oxidation. effect. Through this, the user can directly measure the quality of the lock.

  2 Weigh-to-weight ratio

  The locks that cut corners are generally made of hollow and inferior materials, which are not only light to weigh, but also feel bad to use.

  3 Look at national standards

  There are very strict standards for solid brass padlock at home and abroad. Small manufacturers will not follow the standards to save costs but generally abide by the standards.