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Select Keyed Padlocks For Security

  Shocking truth: keyed padlocks can be pried open

  undeniable. You can choose keyed padlocks. Thousands of people throughout Europe have been doing this. This is a hobby. They use special tools to compare who is best at unlocking without keys and damage.

  If you are looking for high-security keyed padlocks to protect valuables, all of these can be a little disturbing. But you don’t have to worry about it. We will guide you through what makes high-security keyed padlocks safe and why, and provide you with expert guidance on choosing the right model for your application.

  The return on your purchase of any type of high-quality goods is reliable and suitable for service. This is of course the reason why you get high-security keyed padlocks, with extra peace of mind built-in. A good sturdy keyed padlock is a multi-functional security solution, not only because of the internal parts of the machine but also because of many other factors at work and it is much more important than the "selectivity" of the keyed padlocks.

  Why high security keyed padlocks are needed

  Federal keyed padlocks Why do you seriously consider the keyed padlocks option we will propose? We reason that we are looking at the lock through the eyes of a thief and how we are trying to break it. The average thief will steal your property in the shortest possible time. He is not interested in prying your lock; he will resort to brute force and a series of tools to quickly pass it. After all, he will steal your property in the shortest time, so he won't worry about damaging your lock.

  Because he will look for 100% "success" in a short period, in order not to attract the attention of others, he will use bolt cutters to cut the fetters with considerable force, unscrew the lock with a strong stick to break it and drill through it. -Or simply tear it and its hasp from the door or gate it protects.

  Given that these are the threats that keyed padlocks will face when they are attacked, the best anti-theft keyed padlocks must be:

  • by its design and structure, it is resistant to cutting;

  • Anti-distortion, again with its design and construction.

  • Difficult to drill because of the material used;

  • Part of the overall security solution. If the world's strongest keyed padlocks are fixed to the world's weakest door with inappropriate accessories, it is useless.

  What are high security keyed padlocks?

  Build quality

  A properly designed lock is the best choice. Look for parts that are machined to very precise tolerances and include a model of the locking mechanism of the ball bearing. The use of the best materials and proper engineering design for precise tolerances makes the lock more resistant to attacks. The raised shoulders around the hook and loop help to hide it. If the shoulder is only on one side of the shackle, make sure it is installed correctly.


  This is the ring installed around the door or gate fitting. It will be attacked by bolt cutters.

  The best option is to choose closed shackle keyed padlocks, only a small amount of shackles are visible, so there is no room for knives. Choose suitable heavy-duty buckles and staples (parts permanently installed on the door), the lock can be completely hidden.

  What metal?

  Keyed padlocks are mainly made of brass and steel, but will also look for weather-resistant coatings, such as zinc, chromium, or plastic, and reinforcement construction methods.

  Hardened, stainless steel, or both?

  You will notice the words "hardened" and "stainless steel" on high-quality locks. Both of these terms refer to the steel from which they are made. "Hardening" describes the process in the manufacturing process, including carefully controlled heating and cooling phases. The result is that steel is more difficult to machine—or cut or break in this case. "Stainless steel" is about the ingredients in steel. It is an alloy with precise amounts of boron, chromium, or vanadium added while it is still in the molten state. Good quality stainless steel will not rust because the alloy elements on the surface oxidize faster than steel, so it is too late to oxidize into rust.

  Where's the key?

  Choose a lock that provides as many key variants as possible. The greater the number, the less likely the key is to be copied. Some also provide keys that cannot be copied at all, and you can only get a replacement key from the manufacturer after you prove that you have the right to buy it. There may be a set of locks with different keys, all of which can be opened with the same master key.

  Ship specifications

  These marine keyed padlocks are designed to withstand the severe weather in the marine environment, but can also provide excellent service elsewhere. They usually have a weatherproof coating. Keep in mind that the marine environment exists anywhere where the salt in the humid atmosphere is likely to be locked-this is the road for most British winters.

  Third-party approval

  You cannot test keyed padlocks before you buy them but it is not necessary. The independent testing agency has completed the hard work. Please note the following approvals:

  European Committee for Standardization

  European standard, and the gold standard of keyed padlocks. It ranks the locks from 1 to 6, with 6 being the strongest.

  Safe sale

  Standards owned by the Locksmiths Association. Respected by the Ministry of the Interior, the police, and the insurance industry. Contact the police to learn about the new technology used by the thief.

  Kite logo

  The oldest quality mark. Owned by the British Standards Institution. Used internationally. Recognized as the best benchmark.

  After purchasing keyed padlocks

  No keyed padlocks is a product that "fits and will never forget". Manufacturers spare no effort to make locks as good as possible, but none of them can be used indefinitely. Be prepared to replace them over time, but extend their service life with a little maintenance; the application of lubricants has created miracles in enhancing the corrosion protection of metal equipment, which is likely to be permanently used outdoors!