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School Door Lock Purchase Choice Stainless Steel Lock

  School door locks are generally divided into teaching building door locks and student dormitory door locks. As far as new schools are concerned, most of the door locks purchased are mainly mechanical door locks. Compared with home improvement, school door locks focus more on durability. Sex, while neglecting beauty. The school is a place with a large flow of people, and the door locks are used frequently and have a high failure rate. Haining Superman Lock Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recommends that schools purchase stainless steel locks with pure copper lock cylinders and thicker panels to extend the service life.

  School door locks:

  Handle: stainless steel material, one-piece molding, strong and durable, the school door lock has a high frequency of switching, the handle is easy to fall off, and it gets stuck. It is convenient for Party A's project acceptance.

  Logistics management:

  There are many rooms in the school. With conventional door locks, one key can only open one lock, which greatly increases the workload of logistics. The school door lock adopts a secondary management lock cylinder. In addition to the conventional key, it is also equipped with a master key. A key can open all school doors and solve logistical management problems.