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Safety Padlock Safety

  Are you tired of break-ins and unwanted people entering your property or business?

  Now is the time to upgrade your safety, we have a variety of safety padlocks that can be customized to your specific needs.

  Similar key padlocks and master key padlocks

  Our padlocks can be locked with the same key or with a master key on different keys. We offer custom shackle sizes, weather covers, and closed shackle padlocks so you won't cut your gate or chain. If you prefer to color code areas, we have a range of bodies in different colors.


  Safety locking padlocks are popular in mines (read more about our locksmith services for the mining industry here).

  high-security padlock

  People don't realize that high-security padlocks have an expiration date. Our highest security padlocks will remain unobstructed until 2035. These padlocks are very unique because there are no springs inside. The keys slide in easily and turn smoothly - you can feel the difference.