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Safety Padlock Maintenance Tips

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  Some of our safety padlocks are used outdoors. We all know that "people are moody, and the moon is cloudy and clear." Inevitably, outdoor safety locks will encounter rainy weather, although we cannot prevent This phenomenon occurs, we must know that the safety padlock cannot withstand long-term exposure to rainwater because the rainwater contains a certain amount of nitric acid or nitrate, which will corrode the lock for a long time. Therefore, if it is not necessary, We had better not let the locks be exposed on rainy days.

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  We often use locks, so we should pay more attention to the usual cleaning. What I mean by cleaning is not just to wipe the outside of the locks as new. This is also difficult to complete, but it is not the most important. Our most important cleaning part is the lock cylinder. We must ensure that the lock cylinder does not enter anything, otherwise it will be difficult to open the lock. This will not only not serve the role of our lock itself, but will also add a lot of trouble to us.

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  Human beings cannot withstand the ravages of time. Many things showing our age will always appear when we get older. For example, wrinkles will become more and more obvious, and our locks will also be affected by time. Although it will not appear wrinkles, time If it grows longer, an oxide layer will appear in the lock cylinder. Therefore, to postpone such a situation, we must regularly inject lubricant, graphite powder, or pencil powder into the lock cylinder.