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Safety Padlock Common Problem Solving

  Since the development of safety padlock, we all need a very good product, but in the process of a good product, inevitably, some small life problems may occasionally appear; let’s talk to students about the common psychology of their safety padlock. Problem analysis and how to solve teaching methods! The locking beam does not jump: The locking beam does not jump because the teacher inserts the key into the lock core. After all, the shape and position tolerance of the lock beam is too large, and rotates it to a different position to fix it. Use a small hammer to gently knock down; It does not rotate because there is no high friction, and the national safety padlock is not used for long-term work. The lock cylinder and lock body have rust. Pour a small amount of diesel and gasoline into the lock cylinder to effectively solve these problems; the key is stuck in the lock body. : If you find that the key breaks into the lock body from the root, you can choose to directly use tweezers and other tools to clamp it out. If the lock cylinder is broken from the middle, you can only disassemble the seven-hole seal on the lock body, pop it out, install it again, and seal it with aluminum wire; the key is blocked: this is the reason why the network is used for a long time in our country It is also caused. Sprinkle some research graphite in the keyhole. The pencil lead is commonly used. Do not pour lubricating oil into it.

  At present, there are not many manufacturers specializing in the production of safety door locks and locks in the market. It is precisely because they all claim to be professional, which seriously interferes with the thinking of buyers, the following is for you to promote the next product knowledge point: Safety buckle-aluminum joint brand safety buckle a is made of super-strong aluminum alloy, the material is durable; Traditional buckle integration; the combination of label and buckle not only greatly improves the applicability of the product itself, but also makes the label's heat-resistant design more suitable for use in various environments. The front and back of the aluminum alloy logo can be written with ink.