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Purpose Of Keyed Padlocks

  Keyed padlocks are a large family of locks. It can be said that other locks are derived from padlocks. Padlocks are also commonly used for industrial production security. To ensure occupational safety and health, employers must establish safety procedures, install appropriate lockout/Tagout devices and energy isolation devices, and stop machinery or equipment to prevent accidents. Supply energy, initiate or store energy release, and prevent employee injury.

  When the equipment or tools are being maintained or cleaned, cut off the power supply, do not move the equipment or tools, and turn off all energy sources (electricity, hydraulic pressure, air pressure, etc.). The purpose is to ensure that no one is injured while working near the machine. Locking means making sure that the device remains safe after it is turned off. Locking helps prevent injury or death from accidental operation of the equipment.

  Due to the structural characteristics of the padlock, the padlock is convenient and flexible to use and has a wide range of uses. It can replace other locks, other locks cannot replace padlocks. It is an ideal preventive lock, but the padlock must be engaged with the convex hole of the object being closed to play the locking function. This function can be switched inside and outside, so it cannot be used on some occasions.