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Precautions For Selecting And Using Keyed Padlocks

  When choosing and using keyed padlocks, all of us should operate and use keyed padlocks correctly. So what should we pay attention to when we choose and use keyed padlocks?

  Note when selecting and using keyed padlocks:

  1. Choose the famous brand keyed padlocks produced by a quality-assured manufacturer.

  2. Pay attention to purchasing keyed padlocks that operate in the same direction as your door.

  3. Pay attention to the width of the door frame. Ball locks and handle locks cannot be used on doors smaller than 90cm.

  4. Pay special attention when installing keyed padlocks. Only the end with the insurance can be folded off before installation. Never fold off the end with the key for installation.

  5. Do not drip engine oil into the lock core. If the key fails to open, you can install some pencil lead pins in the key eye.

  6. If you accidentally rotate the insurance inside the house to 90 degrees clockwise, it will become long-term insurance. In this way, you can only use the key to open it. You only need to rotate the insurance to 90 degrees counterclockwise to restore it.

  All of us should pay more attention to the above considerations when selecting and using keyed padlocks.