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Precautions During The Use Of Locks

  1. Pay attention to waterproof, lock tongue and key hole and other holes can not enter water to prevent parts from rusting and reduce the life of the brass lock.

  2. When the handle reaches the lower limit, the resistance will increase. At this time, the door can now be opened with a layered lock. The force should be stopped to prevent damage to the internal parts of the lock body.

  3. The panel and handle should not be coated with corrosion products such as paint, gasoline, etc., please use a soft and clean face to scrub.

  4. When the door is not closed and the square tongue is in the extended state, do not use the gun lock force to close the door to prevent damage to the lock body parts.

  5. Always pay attention to cleaning the lock core hole to prevent foreign matter from entering the lock core hole, forming difficult opening, or even damaging the lock core.

  6. During the use of the door lock, check whether the screws of the device are loose, and tighten them in time to ensure indoor safety.

  7. In the process of using brass padlock, if you find that the key is not smoothly inserted and unplugged, you can add a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder into the lock core hole to repair the unplugged key. However, do not add any grease-like lubricating oil to the lock cylinder hole to prevent the grease from sticking to the marbles, causing the lock cylinder to not roll and affecting the door lock opening.