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Notes On The Standard Dial Combination Lock

  With the development of the world's electronic industry, electronic locks are now one of the primary choices for home furnishing. I have also learned about the introduction of several types of electronic locks, so now follow Fengshi keyed alike padlock factory to understand the principle of standard dial combination lock locks.

  This is a fully mechanical combination lock with a large key quantity and high reliability without electronic devices. Its operation method is unique, similar to the dialing of an old telephone - start from the starting point of the dial, turn the dial clockwise to a certain digit, and then return to the starting point to enter a password. Repeat this until the last password is entered, and then turn the dial counterclockwise from the starting point to unlock. At the same time of unlocking, the interior has been reset, so after the dial returns to the starting point to close the lock, the password must be re-entered to unlock, and there is no need to consider the internal reset problem. If you enter the wrong password, you can also reset it internally by turning the dial counterclockwise (virtual unlocking), and then re-entering the password.

  Standard dial combination lock This kind of lock generally has a six-digit password, and the six-digit password can have more than 2.98 million sets of passwords for people to change at will, and the security is extremely high. It also belongs to a safe and reliable electronic lock without the key, power supply, battery, or waste pollutants. The main structure still adopts a fully mechanical structure, which can withstand quite harsh external environments and has a wide range of applications. The operation is simple, and the unlocking time is relatively short, with an average unlocking time of about 15 seconds. The actual number of passwords is large and the security performance is high, and the probability of trying to unlock is almost zero. In addition, the number of digits of the password and the amount of the password can also be redesigned according to the needs of users. It is also possible to increase the alarm interface for the user.

  Because some password padlocks can tighten the lock head, then turn the rotating disk until it can no longer move, so that the password can be found. There is also a specific relationship between the numbers of some turntable combination locks, which greatly reduces the possibility of a combination of passwords. Inexpensive combination padlocks can be opened with special linings without using a combination.

  The standard dial combination lock has high security and is suitable for wide use in safes, safes, file cabinets, anti-magnetic fire cabinets, anti-theft doors, bank doors, warehouse doors, car doors, civilian doors, and mechanical locking mechanisms. However, the standard dial combination lock is relatively rare on domestic doors, and the reason may be that its operation is relatively complicated. It can replace the existing traditional disc-type mechanical combination locks and some electronic combination locks.