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Indoor Key Lock Production Process And Main Material Introduction

  Indoor key locks are familiar to many people and can be seen in bedrooms, offices, schools, and other places. Although indoor key locks are very common, what are their main materials and production processes? Many friends don't know much about it. Today, the Fengshi key lock manufacturer will take you to understand the production process and materials of indoor key locks to help you better understand this product.

  One: indoor key lock production process

  1. Die casting

  Die casting refers to casting the raw materials according to the shape of the mold. After this process, the key lock can produce a general shape, such as a round handle, straight handle, curved handle, etc. The equipment used is a large die-casting machine.

  2. Polishing

  After die casting, the product will be sent to the polishing workshop, and the product will be further polished to remove the edges and corners of the surface, so that the surface of the product is smoother, free from scratches, burrs, etc.

  3. Electroplating/Oxidation/Painting

  After polishing, the product is sent to the electroplating workshop. Some low-end key locks use spray painting or oxidation processes. The product is placed in the electrolyte and plated. After this process, the key lock will be plated with various colors, such as gold, Black, gray, etc., the surface is smoother and feels better to the touch

  4. Assembly and quality inspection

  The assembly workshop will assemble and pack various accessories such as door handles, lock cylinders, lock bodies, etc. that have been produced. Of course, these accessories meet the standards after passing through the quality inspection workshop. After assembly and quality inspection, the products will be It is sent to the warehouse, sorted, and later sold to the market.

  2: Introduction of main materials and advantages of indoor key lock

  1. Stainless steel lock

  High hardness, oxidation resistance, rust resistance, tough style, generous, widely used in engineering projects, common simple style, colors are stainless steel, gold, black, etc., long service life.

  2. Zinc alloy indoor key lock

  Zinc alloy indoor key lock has a very wide range of applications in the market. It tends to be used in home decoration. It has a beautiful appearance and rich styles. There are many styles such as minimalist, Chinese, American, European, etc. Zinc alloy material is suitable for electroplating and has a variety of colors, such as Gold, black, brushed black, yellow bronze, green bronze, bright chrome, etc., which are favored by consumers.

  3. Aluminum alloy indoor key lock

  Aluminum alloy material is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, high plasticity, easy to process and recycle, low cost, affordable, and can produce products with different styles and colors according to customer needs.