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How To Unlock Keyed Padlocks

  Keyed padlocks are relatively common in life. Because the key cannot be found, or the key is lost, it is difficult for many netizens to open the padlock. How to open keyed padlocks without asking a locksmith?

  Locksmith opening padlock

  The method of unlocking keyed padlocks by master locksmiths is technical unlocking. The dislocation unlocking method is adopted, and it is difficult to operate successfully without the systematic practice of unlocking skills. There are two ways to successfully open the padlock yourself, one is destructive opening, and the other is using a quick-opening tool.

  destructive padlock

  The way to destructively open the padlock is to use a tool such as a hacksaw or an angle grinder to cut off the keyed padlocks without the key from the lock beam so that the keyless padlock can be successfully opened.

  Wire open padlock

  If you don't want to destroy the keyed padlocks, we can also use materials such as paper clips or hairpins to make right-angle hooks that can easily go in and out of the lock hole, and insert them directly into the bottom of the padlock. The padlock of the key is successfully opened. However, it should be noted that due to the differences in the internal structure of different padlocks, the use of the wire unlocking method does not damage the padlock, which is only suitable for a few padlocks.

  open the padlock yourself

  For padlocks of better quality, it is difficult to open them successfully without destroying them. It is recommended to ask professional locksmiths to provide services at your door.