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How To Clean A Dirty Key Lock

  Smoke, dirt, and greasy often enter our key locks. However, the two worst enemies of key locks are paint and grease. The reason why paint can enter key locks is usually that the workers who paint the paint are too careless. Without first wrapping the key lock body and wheel holes with something, he simply painted the key lock. As for the entry of oil into the key lock body, most of them are those who do not know much. They think that all parts of metal that can move should be lubricated with more oil. However, the key lock mechanism is a kind of unnecessary cleaning, with no other objects attached to it, it is good to use, if you think they need lubrication, then the only thing that can be used is a small amount of graphite.

  If the key lock is dirty and needs to be washed, only soak them in gasoline or petroleum spirit to dissolve the paint and oil in the key lock. After soaking, take it out and let it dry completely, then spray a very fine mist of graphite through the key lock hole.

  Corrosion and rust are also removed in the same way. However, for rust, many key lockers find that using a good quality penetrating oil is more effective than gasoline or petroleum spirit, but after using penetrating oil to remove rust, followed by dripping gasoline to remove the resulting dirt, because the penetrating oil has an erosive effect on the metal.