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How To Buy A Standard Dial Combination Lock?

  The standard dial combination lock is the executive part of the door lock in the access control system. The standard dial combination lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock. It is a composite lock with stability, convenience, and advanced technology. How to buy the standard dial combination lock?

  1. The bigger the brand, the better, foreign ones are better than domestic ones

  A big brand does not mean that the product is good. In many cases, some brands do a lot of publicity. Some cross-border companies are famous because they are labeling production.

  Suggestion: Recommend domestic brands. Those with sufficient financial resources can choose brands. For practical purposes, it is recommended to choose some second-tier brands with manufacturers and shops.

  2. The more functions, the better, there are some functions on the market

  At present, the functions of smart locks are increasing, but the functions that are frequently used are very few. For example, in terms of unlocking methods, fingerprints, passwords, swipe cards, and mobile phone unlocking are the mainstream and more mature unlocking methods.

  Suggestion: For experience-oriented, you can choose more avant-garde functions, and for actual use, you should choose stable and mature functions and a combined verification method.

  3. The more connected other smart terminals and networks, the better

  For now, the smart interconnection of smart locks has not yet formed a unified industry standard, and the selected network connection methods are also different, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/4G, ZigBee, etc., and their stability is also different.

  Recommendation: Choose a smart lock with a mature networking method. If you are worried about information leakage or hacker intrusion in use, you can choose not to connect to the Internet.

  4. The higher the price, the better, or the cheaper the better

  High-priced products will have relatively high quality, but some high-priced products have high costs due to large brands, high publicity costs, and high franchising costs. It does not all mean good quality or high-cost performance.

  Recommendation: According to your own financial choice, it is recommended to choose some mid-range smart locks with a price-performance ratio.

  When we all purchase the standard dial combination lock, we can consider the above aspects, choosing the standard dial combination lock that suits us is what we all need.