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How Does The Combination Lock Work?

  The working principle of a combination lock

  You may have encountered combination locks at least once in your life; however, have you ever understood how they work?

  Combination locks are one of the most common locks because they are affordable, come in a variety of designs, and are convenient because you don't need a key to unlock them. When using a combination lock, the only thing you need to do is to remember the number combination.

  If you want to know more about the combination lock and how it works, please feel free to continue reading below.

  Features of a combination lock

  A combination lock is usually used for safes or doors for added protection. Although they all look very similar, the internal mechanism of each combination lock is almost the same.

  The locking mechanism of the combination lock is composed of many wheels and plates inside. The number of wheels depends on the total number you can choose from the combination. For example, if you want to combine four numbers, there will be four wheels inside.

  Located in the center of the wheel is a spindle, which is connected to the dial where the combination is located. When the combination starts to rotate, the pin located in the lock will touch one of the wheel holders.

  The working principle of a combination lock

  After entering the password, the password disc in the padlock will start to rotate. The pin in the center will touch the gear of one of the wheels to trigger the mechanism.

  From here, the corresponding wheel will rotate where the notch on the wheel points. This is the first number entered in the series of numbers. Then, the dial will begin to turn in the other direction, again ending with the notch facing upwards. This will continue until all wheels are facing the same position and direction.

  Once all the wheels are facing the proper position and direction, the fence post will move down to close the gap. In this case, the combination is complete, and if it is correct, the padlock will be unlocked.

  In short, when all the wheels in the wheelset are turned to the correct position, each of their notches will be aligned to form a gap. The fence will fall into the gap under its weight, thereby opening the combination lock.

  Safety of combination lock

  As we all know, the combination lock is difficult to crack and decipher the password. There are 50,000 combinations of three-digit combinations on the dial. This proves that the combination lock can be very safe and breakthrough.

  After locking, insert the dial and install the lockbox tightly on the top. To ensure that the dial functions properly, the lock was thoroughly tested. In addition, each padlock has a specific serial number to increase security.

  The only thing you need to pay attention to when using a combination lock is that you must set your password immediately after obtaining the lock. This is because if potential thieves know the predetermined combination of locks, they will be able to open your lock.


  Although the combination lock is simple, cheap, and convenient, it is a very effective locking system. They can be unlocked with the correct combination of numbers, which can trigger the locking mechanism to unlock from the inside.

  Usually, the combination lock consists of wheels. Enter the correct number to move the wheel to the correct position, align the notches and form a gap through which the fence can fall into and unlock the lock.

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