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How Do Open Keyed Padlocks?

  We should have used keyed padlocks at ordinary times! And we should have used them. Sometimes we don’t know how to open them. Haining Super Man iron padlock manufacturers will give you an introduction to related content. If you are interested Check it out if you're interested!

  1. Generally, keyed padlocks have a lock core. In addition to the hole for inserting the key, there are several round holes in the lock core. These round holes correspond to the round holes on the lock body, and a spring can be placed inside. and 2 copper marbles of different heights. After the key is inserted, the two marbles are pushed up to different heights due to the other tooth positions.

  2. If the boundary between the two marbles in all the holes is equal to the circumference of the lock core, the lock core can rotate in the lock body, and the lock will be opened.

  3. Take a thin and hard metal wire with toughness (the one on the keychain is good), bend a small part of it into an angle of about 135°, and extend it to the deeper part of the keyhole to turn (more practice is required, it is a bit difficult).

  4. Lock unlocking method: a metal piece plus a thin metal wire, the metal piece should be like the one on the pen cap, one end is folded at 90°, and it is caught in the keyhole for rotating force, and the metal wire is in the keyhole Swipe back and forth near the inner marble, luckily it can be opened.

  These four aspects are the knowledge about keyed padlocks introduced to you. If you encounter such problems in your life, you can also pay more attention to us, and look forward to your call if you need it!