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Daily Maintenance Of Keyed Padlocks

  In order not to give us unnecessary trouble, we must learn to maintain keyed padlocks and consider the importance of keyed padlocks. The routine maintenance of the lock is very simple, the lock needs oil and lead powder. The lead powder, which is very delicate in usage, is placed in the lock head and the oil is used on the lock body. Next, I will simply tell you about it.

  1. When decorating the house, please use a plastic bag to seal the lock handle (do not touch the appearance of the lock with tape). Exposed parts such as panels, avoid the surface treatment layer of the lock parts being corroded by acid-base materials and gases, mottled, blistered, or even delaminated during decoration, which seriously affects the appearance quality of the lock. Some zinc alloy and copper locks, installed on the door for a long time will find mottled, this phenomenon is not rust, but oxidation, if this happens, as long as the appearance wax spray can remove the mottle.

  2. In normal use, if there is any dirt, it can be removed with a dry cloth, and do not wipe with chemicals such as detergents. Otherwise, it will damage the exposed protective film, resulting in fading. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a damp cloth, because some metal locks will rust; the brass padlock will wear off the coating and lose its aesthetic effect. Usually insist on the cleaning of the lock head to prevent foreign objects from entering the lock cylinder elastic groove, resulting in rolling when opening, and even the lock head cannot be opened.