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Composition Of Safety Padlock

  After the emergence of synthetic and fiber, most of them are made of cotton, polypropylene for waterproofing, nylon, and polyester through fabrics, safety padlock synthetic research fiber network cable is light in weight, high in tensile strength, resistant to attack and abrasion In addition to good performance, it also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, and insect resistance. For example, a safety padlock should first check whether the strength of tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and color fastness to washing is several times that of hemp and cotton rope. The proportion of polypropylene waterproof rope is smaller than that of water, and we can float on the water. Control the market process to provide convenience, fast and safe. Safety padlock manufactures a structure according to a Chinese manufacturer. Synthetic chemical fiber ropes are divided into three-strand, multi-core twisted ropes, and Chen cavity rumors and multi-core twisted ropes. The general working diameter of the 3-strand cable is 4~50mm, and the general standard diameter of the 8-strand cable is 35~120mm.

  In addition to ship mooring, synthetic fiber cables are commonly used in transportation, industrial production, mining, mobile furniture, and aquaculture. Cable cores can also include metal and polymer data depending on their odd application limitations

  We know that the cable car is a safety cable lock driven by an operator. The cable car is laid on the soil along the track and runs at a certain angle, which is used to promote or release workers and cargo transportation equipment. A multi-core rope is used for mooring boats. It is required to have the characteristics of tensile strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, flexibility, flexibility, etc.

  With the advancement of the times, many products have been gradually conceived as various new examples, including safety steel locks. However, many customers are not very familiar with this product and are more about discussing and arguing which new examples have emerged. To understand the safety cable lock now, let's introduce a new type of this product.

  1. At present, the lock body of the safety padlock is made of engineering equipment and plastic and copper parts and has impact resistance design performance. Therefore, many corporate customers have misunderstandings about plastic and think that it is not as good as Chinese plastic, but this kind of product safety padlock is no problem. Make it clear that we are not.

  2. The cable of the safety rope lock is made of stainless steel, and the outer layer of the cable is made of PVC, which has anti-ultraviolet performance and greatly improves the service life of the cable.

  3. The safety steel hasp lock has lock management, which is convenient for customers to use. A hole can not only pass through the steel cable but also can obtain multiple steel cables or locking beams through the process of multiple holes.