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Common Failures And Treatment Methods Of Key

  In daily life, people often encounter a situation where the door lock can't be opened. What should we do? Picking the door or waiting for help? Don't panic, if the door lock can't be opened, first think about the reason and then deal with it. Dear friends, who don't know how to deal with it, what should I do if the door lock introduced in detail can't be opened?

  Braspadlock always has common faults due to various factors in the whole process of concrete application. But when you encounter common faults, you just need to find solutions.

  1. The anti-theft lock cylinder does not move.

  Some anti-theft locks or other locks, if not used for a long time, or exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, are very easy to rust between the lock core and the anti-theft lock core, and the anti-theft lock core will not move because of the accumulation of a lot of dust.

  Solution: Drop special grease for the brass padlock or diesel engine into the anti-theft lock cylinder, wait for a while, and then insert it with the key to see if everything can rotate normally.

  2. Lock the beam without jumping

  The failure of the lock beam to jump is also a common fault in the application of brass padlock, which is caused by excessive dimensional tolerance of the lock beam or corrosion of the lock beam.

  Solution: The anti-theft lock cylinder is inserted into the key and rotated. When the key does not move, gently hammer the lock cylinder downward, and the lock beam will be fine. Or drip the anti-theft lock cylinder into the diesel engine before tapping.

  3. It is inconvenient to insert the key.

  Sometimes it is difficult to insert the key into the anti-theft lock cylinder when unlocking, or it takes a lot of effort to pull out the key.

  Solution: Sprinkle flake graphite or signature pen powder into the anti-theft lock core, and then insert it several times with the key lock.

  If we encounter the above three problems, we can follow the specific solutions. If you still don't understand or want to know more about unlocking and changing locks, leave a message in the comment area or contact me, and Xiaobian will send it in time.