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A Few Essential Common Sense For Choosing Key Lock

  A few essential common senses for choosing key locks. When we decorate, we often use key locks. So how to choose a suitable key lock for us? This is very important, not only can protect our property safety, A good key lock has a long service life, and can more secure the future family property.

  1. Look at the key lock implementation specifications

  Foreign countries have very strict regulations on hardware key locks, so the quality padlocks of imported products are relatively high. We can start to feel the quality of the key lock. Generally speaking, feel the heavy key lock, the quality is relatively high; the lock body should not expose the tip, and the exposed tip simply hurts people. In particular, pay attention to the end of the key lock handle, the bolt, and the four corners of the lock body; the lock spring is good The key lock is open and flexible, has high sensitivity, and has a long service life. The key lock also has a variety of personalities, so be sure to keep it consistent with the decoration personalities of the interior doors.

  Second, look at the key lock material

  Key lock materials on the market are divided into stainless steel, copper, and zinc alloy. Stainless steel has high strength, strong corrosion-resistance, and does not change color. It is the best material for making locks; copper is universal, has superior mechanical functions, and is relatively expensive; key lock high-quality zinc alloy solidifies wear resistance, strong corrosion-resistance, and simple molding, Mostly used for mid-range locks.

  Three, look at the key lock appearance processing

  The surface treatment is roughly divided into three types: electroplating, spraying, and coloring. The key lock forms a fine protective film on the surface of the product after the appearance treatment, which plays a role in anti-corrosion and rust prevention, making the key lock more beautiful and durable. The dense protective film is also a measure of the quality of the key lock. The good-quality key lock is mostly electroplated. The plating layer is delicate and lubricated, uniform and moderate, and the color is bright, without bubbles, rust, and oxidation mark.

  Of course, in addition to these relatively common ones, we have to consider some other points:

  1. The place used and its main degree;

  2. The operating environment, conditions, and requirements, mainly about opening the door at the mercy of the door, and when opening the door on the outside and inside, you must pay special attention not to buy the wrong one; 3. Harmony with the decoration environment;

  4. If there are old people, children, or people with disabilities at home, try to use them as conveniently as possible; 5. Finally, buy according to your economic strength. Some key lock security functions are very strong, but the price is expensive, and it does not need to be fixed. Suitable for the average working class.